Bad Friends Forever

by The Palace Flophouse

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Russ name a DIY musician who writes better lyrics than the Bergstrands. I'll wait. Favorite track: Crash/Burn.
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released April 16, 2011



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The Palace Flophouse Champaign, Illinois

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Track Name: Just a Bad Friend
you came to this world too late to make a difference
and i came to this world just in time to watch you try
and fail

we are not the problem, we’re not the solution
we’re just a friend
we’re just a bad friend, with bad news
we can lose
yeah we can lose

so bang your head on the floor, your fist on the ground
the ship’s going under, we’re all gonna drown
the ship’s going down, so take off your crown

if we finally get there, we’ll be disappointed
yeah you know we will
‘cause we are not good people, we’re not reliable friends
yeah we’ve never been
and we can’t win

your head on the ground, your fist on the floor
it’s all been revealed now, there’s nothing in store
it’s all been revealed, we’re not getting healed
we’re not getting healed
Track Name: Hostage Situation
i’d trade all this for happiness if it was guaranteed
i’d stay up all night just to talk to you
put my hand down on your knee

but we can’t stay like this forever
no something’s gotta change
’cause friends are friends, lovers are lovers
and i can’t think of us as friends

for several years now i’ve been thinking of us as family
or at least assuming someday that eventually we might be
but it turns out you’ve been thinking something different completely
and you expect me to just sit back passively watching you leave me

this ain’t no hostage situation
no it’s just something i’ve gotta do
’cause you might think you’re gonna leave me
but baby i’m not leaving you

you can’t blame a guy for trying
don’t look scared, i’m not that dangerous
you know me and this isn’t all my fault
don’t act scared, i’m not that dangerous

i’m not that dangerous
Track Name: Flight
a year before we grew up
somebody made you mad so you blew up
and you stole the keys to your stepdad’s pickup truck
and realized you had nowhere to go
but the alcohol in your stomach wouldn’t let you sit still
the first taste of freedom had crossed your lips
and you weren’t gonna stop until you had your fill

so you drove all the way down south where the county line ends
pulled your car off of the road and starting drinking jose cuervo
just trying to feel better again

turn the volume knob up two clicks
when the radio started playing some classic rock anthem
that made you feel like you were never going to want to go back home again
some freedom-hating jerk called the cops ’cause you were parked out in front of his yard
when you heard the sirens blaring, when you saw the flashing lights, you said
uh-uh boys, not without a fight

so you drove even further south, three counties more
they ran you off the road and they drug you from the driver’s side door
put you in handcuffs, then they told you what you should feel sorry for

but you didn’t give ’em the satisfaction
of seeing a drop of fear enter your eyes
and your dad said that you would live to regret this when you got home
and maybe you did but you never let it show
you kept your face pressed firmly against the rear window
watching everything you’d worked for go up in smoke
just like you wanted to do
Track Name: North Platte
just north off of 144th near the giant teacup diner by the truck stop wars
there’s a kid being born again in a hotel bathroom
there’s a van loaded full of friends with their mission in life in the rear-view
and they’re talking about girls that they touched back in high school
she was real soft, and she made being sober easy
now these girls are so hard
they won’t even talk to me unless we’ve both been drinking

doo-doo doo doo-doo doo doo-doo doo
doo-doo doo doo-doo doo doo-doo doo-doo
doo doo-doo doo doo-doo doo
doo-doo doo doo-doo doo doo-doo doo-doo

i’ve learned that true love is painful and that false love is overrated
i’ve learned you wear a piece of every person that you’ve ever stayed with
i’ve learned that when things seem simple they get more complicated
’cause when the boys start getting scary all the girls start getting scared
when the good start getting married all the bad start getting intentionally impaired
it used to be we did it maybe once, we did it maybe twice a week
and now it’s every night, with or without company and

doo-doo doo doo-doo doo doo-doo doo
doo-doo doo doo-doo doo doo-doo doo-doo
doo doo-doo doo doo-doo doo
doo-doo doo doo-doo doo

all my friends are alcoholics
they sleep alone in their government apartments
they watch too much bad t.v. but hey it’s easy
sing “baby, baby please come back and see me”
i hope that you still know the difference between being edgy and just
just being druggy
he said he’s alive, yeah he’s alive, but he’s lucky
and remember when he used to just be happy

doo-doo doo doo-doo doo doo-doo doo
doo-doo doo doo-doo doo doo-doo doo-doo
doo-doo doo-doo
doo-doo doo-doo doo-doo

he used to love you so much
i really think he coulda killed you

oh, oh, oh, oh

just north off of the interstate
we drink too much and we stay up too late
Track Name: Addicts Victorious
addicts victorious was a band you’ve never heard of
and i’m relatively sure you never will
’cause they don’t care about you
and i’m relatively sure they never will

they don’t book, they don’t promote
they never even played a show
they never wrote a song you know
and they’re not going to

they don’t play for anyone (x3)
for anyone, oh, for anyone, oh

hugo alenez made a cassette tape
that i acquired in the seventh grade
from my brother who had seen them play when they existed
but they don’t write the kind of songs that lead towards music careers
so like the tape, they disappeared

they never thought of being fake
they never had one cent to make
they just sang for singing’s sake
because they wanted to

they don’t play for anyone
they don’t play for anyone, oh
they don’t play for anyone
for anyone, oh, for anyone, oh

pete peterson made an album
that somehow found its way into my apartment
and then found its way into my head
i’ll know his songs ’til the day i’m dead
until the day i’m dead

can’t say who he is, though i wish i could
i looked him up but it did no good
i cross my heart, i’d show trade if he would
but he’s not going to

they don’t play for anyone
they don’t play for anyone, oh
they don’t play for anyone
for anyone, oh

they don’t play for anyone (they don’t play) (x3)
for anyone, oh, for anyone, oh
Track Name: Missouri
sleeping underneath the trees in troubled hollow
with the sun waging war on our skin
i never had much fear in my coming liberation
when we eyed the other side of the barbed-wire fence
we conquered it wrung by wrung
spitting second-hand folklore from our hot dry tongues
we were lost, we were found
we were happy

dusty black road in the middle of a friday night
with a car parked off a mile towards town
you were standing on the side of the road
twirling a bottle rocket between your finger and thumb
headlights came around the bend
so we jumped down in a creekbed and hid
we were blind, we could see
we were a family

we heard about some bands we know
so we drove half the day to catch the early show
grabbed some breakfast when we got back home the following morning
so i think about the things i got
and i think about the things i lack
i put my favorite records in my backpack
i’m driving outta missouri and i don’t know when i’m coming back
but when i do i’m gonna look you up
when i do we’re gonna pick things up right where we left ’em
get our hair dirty down at finger lakes
while the boys rent some videos from kate
we were lost, we were found
we were blind, we could see
we were a family
Track Name: Chicago
we were in your minivan pointed away from home
all our friends were more passionate for us then
they called us on their telephones saying “please don’t go”

we were 22 back then and we both still had some hope
both still shared our lives together in an apartment in chicago
in chicago

you must be kidding me
where are you?
we’ve not made it yet
and if you’re having second thoughts now
don’t you dare think i’ll forget it
’cause i won’t

oh, oh, oh
(oh, oh, oh)

i was gonna marry you
you were going to run
when there’s no potential for hurt feelings then there’s no potential for love
we were there for half a minute
then our bags got packed again
and we drove home to find the fire gone from the passion of our friends
telephone conversations
Track Name: Michigan
when we get to michigan we’ll sleep
covering our faces from the morning
when we rise with tired eyes
we’ll cut losses and sever ties
with everyone we’ve ever known before

the freight train, city park, and grocery store
where all the checkout girls and stockboys
are spies sent from our parents to drag us home

we shoplift some sandwiches
a quart of milk and bandages
to cover up the gash put in your leg
where you fell down after stepping off the train

we don’t trust anything
we can’t get for free
and if we have any problems left tomorrow
it won’t be because of me

when we finally get to new york city
we’re gonna need a more tangible plan
and when we do i hope that you will remember the mess i got us through
while we were still stuck in illinois

i don’t love anyone
and you don’t love me
and tomorrow when you wake up with a headache
please don’t take it out on me

i don’t trust anything
and you don’t love me
and tomorrow if you woke up and i was missing
you wouldn’t go looking for me

when we get to michigan we’ll sleep (x2)
Track Name: Crash/Burn
the road we chose for escape was riddled with strain
all our friends disowned us in their own unique way
we couldn’t blame them ’cause we had good reasons (we couldn’t blame them)
and our actions were our versions of doing the same thing (doing the same thing)

we always drive too late (always drive too late)
when none of us are feeling all the great
i hope that i steer straight (hope that i steer straight)
’cause all these cars are crashing out on this interstate

i told you that i loved you more than daylight
i tried to touch you but i somehow messed it up
you crashed a chrysler in downtown chicago
i crashed a pontiac in michigan

everything’s so lame (everything’s so lame)
none of us are steering all that straight
i hope that i don’t die
’cause all these cars are driving too fast and so am i

darlin’ i hope (bah bah-da bah)
that you feel what i don’t (bah bah-da bah-bah)
and you feel what i don’t think you’ve been feeling (bah bah-bah)

more and more i feel like we should just pull over
and point our headlights back towards where we came
i told you that i loved you more than i meant to
but every time i touch you you react the same

every town’s the same, every time’s the same
none of us are feeling anything
i hope that we’re all alright
’cause all these cars are crashing
all these cars are crashing tonight


when we get to where we’re going to
i hope our new life pleases you
just the way you wanted it to
’cause i know it costs a lot

and if you find out that our new city’s
not everything you thought it’d be
i hope that you’ll still be honest with me
and tell me that it’s not

’cause we’ve still got plenty options left
we’ll find towns more like the ones we left
we’ll try each one until we get the one that feels right

and if it sounds good we’ll sing it
and if it feels good we’ll be it
and if it tastes good we’ll drink it until it burns

i got lost on a backroad while you were still sleeping
when you woke up you wondered where we’d gone
the next thing i remember was the sound of scraping metal
but we were fine, the car still worked so we drove on

so if it sounds good we’ll sing it
and if it feels good we’ll mean it
and if it tastes good we’ll drink it until it burns
Track Name: We Run Around
we were home alone
we were 17
we were weighing our options carefully

it was early spring
we were off from school
and no one knew they didn’t know where we were

so we split the gas with our parents’ cash
and an alibi to cover all our tracks
worked out alright all night
right up until our engines died

we were half passed out
we were 17
and nothing we did meant anything

we run around
we run around, ooh-whoa-oh