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a year before we grew up
somebody made you mad so you blew up
and you stole the keys to your stepdad’s pickup truck
and realized you had nowhere to go
but the alcohol in your stomach wouldn’t let you sit still
the first taste of freedom had crossed your lips
and you weren’t gonna stop until you had your fill

so you drove all the way down south where the county line ends
pulled your car off of the road and starting drinking jose cuervo
just trying to feel better again

turn the volume knob up two clicks
when the radio started playing some classic rock anthem
that made you feel like you were never going to want to go back home again
some freedom-hating jerk called the cops ’cause you were parked out in front of his yard
when you heard the sirens blaring, when you saw the flashing lights, you said
uh-uh boys, not without a fight

so you drove even further south, three counties more
they ran you off the road and they drug you from the driver’s side door
put you in handcuffs, then they told you what you should feel sorry for

but you didn’t give ’em the satisfaction
of seeing a drop of fear enter your eyes
and your dad said that you would live to regret this when you got home
and maybe you did but you never let it show
you kept your face pressed firmly against the rear window
watching everything you’d worked for go up in smoke
just like you wanted to do


from Bad Friends Forever, track released April 16, 2011



all rights reserved


The Palace Flophouse Champaign, Illinois

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